Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mexican Meatloaf, Blue Cheese Wedge Salads and Cupcakes?!?


Mexican Meatloaf

Blue Cheese Wedge Salad with Croutons and Bacon 



Rachael Ray had a similar recipe in her No-Recipe Zone a few years ago. She called it her "Crustless Tex-Mex Meatloaf-Cheddar Pie." I made some changes to make it more our taste. But you can search her recipe if you want it. She used ground beef, jarred roasted red peppers and parsley. I made a few changes. Namely home-made charred red bell peppers, ground turkey and cilantro. I made it not thinking Joe would really like it. WRONG- Oh was I wrong.
We eat this, just with salad. In the Winter we sometimes add mashed potatoes. The flavor is AWESOME!
1 pound ground turkey
2-3 large red bell peppers
1 egg slightly beaten
3/4 cup of your favorite salsa ( see mine below)
3/4 cup breadcrumbs
Fresh Chopped -Cilantro or Parsley to taste ( I used at least a palm full but I LOVE CILANTRO!
Shredded Cheddar or Mexican cheese blend to taste. I used 1 or 1.5 nice size handfuls
A glass pie pan
Serve with sour cream-YUM!

Cut and seed your Red Bell Peppers into large pieces. 

You could also use jarred Roasted Red Peppers but I like the freshness and flavor of the make it yourself version.

 You can do these directly on your gas burner, or if you have electric, your indoor or outdoor grill. I bet you also could Google how to do it and there are easier ways, but this is how I do it. I used to do it direct but they kept falling in and catching on fire. This way I can multi-task, while they get their "char" on.

I ALWAYS stay near by. I don't use oil or anything. I just turn on my burners (medium high to high heat, depending how yours cook) lay my pan down, throw them on and wait for them to get nice and soft.

While I let the peppers cook I get my meatloaf together. I use whichever ground turkey is on sale. Costco also sells it for a good price so I usually have stock on hand. Tonight Jennie-O was on sale for $3.99. Pretty good. I'll take it :)

Put your ground turkey in a bowl

Pour in your salsa, slightly beaten egg, cheese, cilantro, bread crumbs and salt and pepper in too.

 By this time the peppers are done. I peel the skin off. It doesn't have to be completely off but I get the really burnt parts off. The skin will peel pretty easily. As you peel them place them in the bottom of a  greased pie pan. (Forgot to take a picture sorry :) I usually just spray my pie pan with olive oil spray.

 Mix your meatloaf. With your hands is the best way :) Then press the meatloaf mix into the prepared pie pan, right on top of the red bell peppers.

Spread more salsa on top of the meatloaf and 

Sprinkle cheese on top and bake at 350 degrees until done. Maybe 30-40 minutes depending on your oven. You can also check it with a meat thermometer.

We had our meatloaf with a Wedge salad. I cut and trimmed romaine heart tops and bottoms, and then sliced them lengthwise so they were more manageable. We put Lighthouse Bacon and Blue Cheese Dressing on- a RARE treat. One I want out of my house ASAP. It is too good. I crumbled croutons on top and threw on a couple peppered bacon pieces for good measure. This is Joe's FAVORITE salad. He gets SO excited when he sees it. He thinks it tastes fresher or something. He just really likes it! I hope you will too. The only thing that would have made it better was some grape tomatoes which I forgot.

 Now my kids wanted meatloaf cupcakes. This is not something I do all the time, but it sounded fun to do tonight. I just made my meatloaf and took some out, to press into a prepared muffin tin.


Delaney helped me put cheese on top in her new dress :) I baked them alongside our meatloaf "pie" as the kids called it. "Pie and Cupcakes for dinner, hahaha!" The cupcakes took much less time to bake. Just keep checking them. I made yukon gold mash potatoes to act as the "frosting" I added a little extra milk and butter to give them the creamy consistency. They turned out cute and delicious! 


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