Tuesday, October 4, 2011

French Dips

This is not a fancy, gourmet dinner, but it is a favorite, nonetheless. Well a favorite of most of my family Delaney thinks they are the "GROSSEST DINNER EVER!!!!" And although they are processed...yes, and not the healthiest dinner item...True...Tater tots are darn delicious :) There I said it. This is a quick, get it done dinner. Iwould love to say I slow roast a roast beef to make it every time. Sometimes I do...This was not one of those times. I also would prefer thicker sliced roast beef, but didn't have it on hand so this is what we went with. It still tasted really good.

-Roast Beef enough to make a good size sandwich. You don't want to skimp on the meat. Ideally you could ask your deli department to fresh slice you some of their better Roast Beef and have them make it thicker slices.
-Au Jus Packet- Found with the seasoning packets and gravy mixes etc. I used 3 packets for all of us.
-Good Crusty French Rolls. You want them not so soft that they melt in the Au Jus, but not so dense that all you taste is the bread. Find something in the middle. Safeway has a great pack of rolls, they make in their bakery. I think 6 come in a bag.

I serve with anything from Salad or Coleslaw and chips to TATER TOTS (no judging:) French Fries, or baked potatoes. And sometimes Fruit Salad. You can also put cheese, sauteed mushrooms and/or caramelized onions on it, all great additions. Joe and the kids like them basic! Meat-Bread-Au Jus!

 Make Au Jus according to directions. Serve Hot! Mine got cool last night before we ate and it didn't taste very yummy. Thank you microwave :)

 See like I said plain old roast beef lunch meat

I heat the roast beef in the Au Jus. Don't leave in too long or you'll get something that resembles rubberized beef :0)
 Lightly Toast your rolls in the oven open face.
 I put mayo and creamy horseradish on mine and Joe's. Yummy!
 Load them up with beef!

 Serve with Au Jus. Dinner in 20 or so minutes (depending on what you serve it with)...Not bad!

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