Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Poor Man Stew

This is another Nana-Mama Recipe. SOOOO Easy and it is just what you need on a cold night to warm your tummy. I keep the ingredients on hand because it is a great "Go to" recipe in the Fall and Winter. The awesome part about this recipe is the name. I love it because my Nana was one of 10 kids, so she was an expert of stretching things and she always said that you made this with what you had. If you had the big can of tomato sauce great if not you used the little can or the can of stewed tomatoes or fresh tomatoes whatever you had on hand, however much you had on hand. If you had kielbasa perfect, if not ham or any type of meat was great too. Potatoes are something she/we ALWAYS have on hand and carrots I always have but again, just make it work. She said stews like this were a must in her family, and everyone was always happy just to have something good to eat :) Makes me feel lucky that I never have to worry about having enough food. When Joe and I were newlywed, first time homeowners and almost parents we would joke..."Tonight for dinner Poor Man Stew, tomorrow Poor Man Tacos..." :) Thinking of memories like all that, always makes me smile.

I used 5 Russet Potatoes. 2 I cut smaller then the other ones I like them to kind of mush to thicken the stew. 
I did about 5 carrots they weren't huge though
1/2 a yellow onion do more if you use a sweet one.
2 packages of turkey kielbasa. You can use what ever kind of kielbasa you like though. 
1 BIG can of tomato sauce
I use the can to add water until everything is covered. 
Sour cream

Start with some olive oil in a stock pot.
 Throw finely chopped onions in and start to brown. Add in Paprika and stir around.

 Chop potatoes, carrots and kielbasa throw into the pot.
 I used turkey kielbasa, you can use any kind you want.
 Pour in a large can of tomato sauce
Stir it in.
 Then I added a can and a half of water. You want to be sure your ingredients are covered.
Put the lid on and bring to a boil. Turn down and simmer until the potatoes are cooked. You may have to crack the lid so it doesn't turn to complete mush. A little much is good though :)
I SAY- You MUST eat this with Sour cream. Stir it in. YUMMMMMM! 


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Krista said...

How many potatoes & carrots did you use? Sometimes I have issues visualizing how much I really need and end up with too many veggies for my meat-eater hubby's taste! Oops!