Monday, October 1, 2012

Parmesan Crusted Chicken

Now I should preface this: If you are not a Mayo fan, you may not like this...I am, a fan that is :) So this tasted delicious to me...
It also tasted delicious to Joe, Keegs and Cam. Delaney hates everything lately and Maddie wasn't feeling good. So I can safely say more then 50% of my family enjoyed it :) Here is the recipe from the Mayo jar. See below for my adjustments.

-I had 6 chicken breasts so I increased the recipe. I used
-1 cup Mayo
-3/4 cup (maybe more) Parm
-I have no idea how many breadcrumbs I used I just sprinkled until them until the chicken was covered :)

I covered a pan with foil to eliminate a mess, but put a piece of parchment down as well. Don't ask me why :)

Mix together Mayo & Parm

Spread on each chicken breast until it is covered. You will have extra.

425 degrees for at least 25 minutes. Like I said I used 6 chicken breasts and they were rather big so they took more like 35 minutes. Check the temp. They should be at least 180 degrees with a meat thermometer.

I sliced and served with corn and salad. Simple tasty supper!



Krista said...

I have a recipe like this that has minced garlic & rough chopped artichoke hearts in the mayo mixture, & no bread crumbs. It. Is. AMAZING. I do it in a pan though because it gets pretty juicy. :)

Ashley said...

That is SO funny because I was JUST telling my friend that I thought artichokes would be so yummy on this. The Parm and Mayo totally tastes like the base for artichoke dip. In a pinch you could probably use up leftover artichoke dip that way. YUM!