Monday, September 19, 2011

Chop Chop Salad (An Azuls Knockoff)

We had a girls night this weekend. Well a girls night with 5 moms and 11 kids YIKES! It was CRAZY! But it was also very FUN!

For dinner Amy made a delicious baked pasta with Rotini, ground turkey, a marinara, mozzarella, and grated zucchini. Kelsey made Cheese bread which was heavenly. Mollie made her knocked off version of Azul's Chop Chop and it was SO good! Here's what she did.

Chop your lettuce nice and small. Mollie got this really cool chopper at Target. It is a Genius Salad Chopper I didn't see it on the Target website, but they did have it on I think I need one :) check it out at this link
Genius Salad Chopper on QVC

Dice your Avocado

Dice Tomatoes and cucumbers

 Crumble Cotija Cheese (if you can't find it ask your local supermarket they almost always carry it.)
 I bought bacon crumbles from the salad dressing section, the peppered kind was delicious!
 Throw it all together in a big bowl.
 Mix Italian dressing with Ranch dressing.
 This is the kinds Mollie used but I think you could really use any brand.

This is PART of the group. It was a full house! Everyone was happy and fed and full though! 


Anonymous said...

Thank you, my wife and I are big fans of Azuls and could not figure out the recipe for the chop chop salad. How much dressing was used? Thanks again, great blog!

Ashley said...

Hi Sorry I am just getting back to you. I have been out of town and just am getting back into the swing of things. OK so I am not always good about measuring but we just made this for my cousins wedding. And I did how much Italian I wanted and then added the ranch to taste. I know that isn't very helpful probably, but maybe 2 parts Italian to 1 part Ranch. I will try it again soon and reconfirm but my rule of thumb is when in doubt just taste! Hope you like it!