Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Teriyaki Pork Sliders

Saw a similar recipe on my Parents Magazine email a while back.  Kind of played with it a little. I accidentally added the mayo to the patty mixture the first time I made this, but it actually tasted good. It made them very moist. If you don't love mayo like our family, don't add it.

Preheat your oven to Broil.


Trim 2 green onions

4 ounces of mushrooms 


1 Tablespoon of peeled fresh ginger- coarsely chopped  

If you drop it on the floor like me...UGH! RE-peel and RE-coarsely chop your 1 Tablespoon of ginger. DUH! Hold on to your measuring spoon, apparently it's slippery :)

 Put mushrooms, green onion and ginger into a food processor or I just used my immersion blender/chopper to purée it. I would like it more coarsely chopped but my family...I made mine like mush. They didn't realize there were mushrooms or green onions in it :) And even puréed it still tasted good. 


 Next- Mix together the mushroom mixture with the rest of the ingredients.
1 pound of ground pork- My friend asked if I thought you could use ground turkey for these. Of course you can always try different meat on this, but I think the flavor of the pork really adds to the overall taste of the slider. It's up to you though.
1/4 cup + of breadcrumbs (Panko preferably, but believe it or not I only had Italian breadcrumbs and they tasted just great. I added a little bit of extra breadcrumbs but it's up to you.
1/4 cup of Yoshidas sauce
2 Tablespoon (approx) of mayo. Optional

 Makes about 12 patties.  I only got 11 out of it :) Spray non-stick cooking spray onto a foil lined pan. 

Place the patties onto it. The original recipe said to put the pan just 4 inches from the broiler, And broil them for 3-4 minutes per side. But in my oven the first time I made this, I did that and opened my oven to flames.  Everything was fine, once I moved them down so I just made sure to put the rack in my oven on the second highest level, maybe 6-8 inches away. 

 It took about 15 minutes to broil them, I turned them once at about 7 minutes. At that point they read over 180 degrees on my instant read meat thermometer so I took them out.

I bought King's Hawaiian Rolls to use as slider buns. I wrapped them in foil and warmed them in the oven before I put them together.

I took about 1/2 a bag of Cole slaw and added a little bit of grated onion and ginger. Also maybe, 3 Tablespoons of my favorite, LIGHTHOUSE brand Toasted Sesame Ginger dressing/marinade (same as my pesto salmon salad)

Added a Tablespoon of mayo, just to give it some creaminess.
Dress it to your taste.  I LOVE dressing. I am not allowed to ever dress the salad at family functions, my sisters think I over do it :) Always start with less and add until you are happy with the consistency.  I like this slaw a little wetter, because I don't put mayo on the slider.  

Slice your buns, put a patty on, top with the coleslaw and a dab of Sweet red chili Sauce (I've mentioned before for my lettuce wraps)
The flavor is awesome. It is so different! I Love the Asian twist on the Slider!
We ate ours with some chips, the kids had tater tots with their version. OK so we stole a couple tater-tots too. Why do they taste so good?!?!

 For the kid friendly slider. I just put on the patty and a piece of lettuce with a tiny bit of mayo and drop of the sesame ginger dressing. Delaney and Cam, I think mentioned, seem to be flirting with vegetarianism :) They ate them though.

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Krista said...

I can't wait to try this out. I loved the idea of the sweet rolls as buns and spicy coleslaw, but didn't have the time or ingredients to make the pork patties. I did have some mahi mahi from coscto that was preseasonef with garlic, pepper, & sea salt. Cooked those and served them with cheddar cheese, spicy coleslaw, and thin sliced red onion on Hawaiian sweet buns and it was delicious! Thanks for the recipe - it is very versatile.