Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My baby sis is 18!

This weekend we hosted the 18th birthday for my baby sister Kelsey and her boyfriend Trev. Yes I have an 18 year old sister. I was 14 when she was born. Almost 15! She was our family's "little surprise' let's say :) She was born on the first day of my Freshmen year of high school.  I cam home that day to my Nana sitting on the front porch waiting for me so she could tell me my mom was at the hospital...talking to my mom on the phone while she was in labor...yes she was talking on the phone, it was her first time ever having an epideral and she was loving it :)...And then hearing the news that we had a healthy new baby sister...Are all memories I will never forget.

Kelsey is one of the most special people in my life. She is my baby sis, my friend, a great Auntie Kel to my children and almost like a daughter some times. Being as we are spread apart by so many years and bridged by 2 sisters in between us, you might think that we weren't as close. BUT WE ARE! She has been a important presence in not only our family but in this my now own immediate family. She could have acted displaced by my children. But she never has. She was only 8 when Keegan was born. Sometimes they fight like brother and sister, but I am actually happy that I had my kids so young, it gave her the siblings she never knew she needed or wanted :)We treat her as part of our family and her favorite thing to do is call me Mom in public, just to piss me off :) She is an enormous help to me and a joyful piece of our crazy puzzle.

Kelsbadels, I hope that you know how incredibly amazing you are. You're beauty is only surpassed by your charm, kindness and SENSE OF HUMOR!!! You have such a true heart and I know that you will do incredible things in your life. I can not believe that 18 years have passed since you were brought into our lives, our home and our hearts. I can't wait to see what you do with the next 18! You bring happiness and fun into my life every day and I am so proud to be your big sister, well older sister, well BSFL :) I love you!

Mustard and Brown Sugar Salmon

I feel SO organized right now,  I made good dinner.

Salmon with a mustard and brown sugar mixture on it. It's super easy all you need is
- Salmon ( I used a piece if Wild King and a piece of Wild Silver salmon.

-Mustard (preferably Dijon or my favorite a Stone Ground- but you can really use any kind-probably Not regular yellow mustard
though) 4 good size spoonfuls, mix with
-Brown Sugar about 3/4 cup

I just mixed those ingredients into a bowl.

Poured it on the salmon

Then I baked it at 350 degrees until done. Maybe about 35 minutes? Maybe more? When you can flake it with a fork.

My kids and Joe ate theirs with white rice and blanched green beans that I tossed in butter. I had mine with green beans and wild rice. It was such a yummy light dinner.


I am seriously starting to feel more relaxed. My laundry is under control- for now :) and my house could use a floor to ceiling deep clean, but for now it's picked up and surface clean. At least good enough for now :) Joe saved my sanity by picking up Keegan from soccer tonight so I was able to run to Target and grab some organizing stuff. A cube shelf for the laundry room, a key hook rack thing and a couple lamps. Um look how cute this is...
Guess how much! $13.98 on clearance for the base AND shade! I have found SO many awesome lamps on clearance, over the years at Target. I'll take pictures of my shelf after I paint the baskets. I am on the organization train now! WooHoo I'm over crazy! Again-for now :)

My Target bliss was spoiled only by Maddie throwing a full on tantrum at the register because she wanted a sucker with a fan or propeller or something on it. No I did not give in. She was TICKED! I'm pretty sure I pulled something carrying her out of the store in one arm while I dragged my heavy ass cart with the other. Her blood curdling screams could be heard throughout the parking lot. As I pushed the cart across to the cart corral. A man in a convertible said "Hang in there Mama" :) I appreciated it. I made it home...with Maddie :) All in all Success!