Saturday, June 25, 2011

Multi-Task Much!

I am the queen of procrastination. Have been my whole life. For some people this may not be a problem. They just get their business taken care of and are done just in time. I though have a need to go above and beyond. If I am going to do it, I'm going to do it well, if not great and I am still incapable even with that mentality to get things done ahead of time. It used to be that I didn't even try to start things ahead of time. I just put them off, and much to the chagrin of my mother and I, we would be up until all hours of the night trying to finish things. And again, finish them with far too much detail to be acceptable that late in the game. I have tried numerous times, knowing something was coming to start ahead of time, since becoming an adult. I CAN'T DO IT! I can't think far ahead. I TRY but it is NOT in my make up.

So this week some of the other moms on Keegan's baseball team and I were talking about making t-shirts for the sisters/siblings or as we lovingly call them the "gaggle of girls" to wear to show their support for the baseball boys. So when do I who volunteered go to buy the shirts...Today at 3pm. When do I in fact think I will have time to make said shirts?....Tonight, the night before our 9:30AM baseball game. You would think that this would bother me. In fact I actually think I do BETTER under this type of pressure. SURE I could have hammered those out on Tuesday or Wednesday and passed them out at Thursday's practice. But what would the fun in that be?!?! The shirts are done, they SHOULD be dry by morning :) Everyone will be excited to have them and I will be satisfied that I got them done, no harm no foul?! Right ?! I guess as long as this behavior doesn't affect anyone else, I'm good. the shirts turned out cute. Thanks to another Mom as happy to do last minute business as I am (she ran around tonight looking for the printable iron-ons, THANK YOU:) I was able to put our logo on the front and then I painted the brother's number on the back and then wrote Go and their name above it :O) I think they will be excited.I am excited :)

So amidst t-shirt making, and sign making, what 8-9 year old doesn't want to see a "Hit it Here" sign in the outfield? And pom-pom making for "the gaggle" and navigating my kitchen that looked like a bomb went off. Not to mention packing up my car for a day of baseball, and making sure my house wasn't left a disaster and last but not least...Surely not least in my world...Folding Laundry :)
I was SO lucky that Delaney was such a SUPERSTAR helper tonight. We made quick, easy "Mom is super busy soft tacos" for dinner. I also call it "eat off the counter dinner." I save it for really special occasions:) They were quick. Easy and yummy. We never eat like this, so I let it slide now and then :) 


 Delaney did it 90% on her own. I was right there watching the whole time. I mean duh! there was hot surfaces involved, but she and Keegan grated the cheese for me. 
 I just shredded a store-bought rotisserie chicken off the bone.

I pan cooked the flat iron steak that was already chili lime marinated

Then we were ready to heat. I set up my electric griddle on the counter. Got out the corn tortillas and Delaney assembled them on griddle, while I watched.

 When the cheese was melted she called me over to get them off and everyone ate as they came.

I was so proud of her! She said she wants to be a cook someday. She wants her Yayi (my mom) and me to teach her! She also swept my kitchen, emptied the dishwasher and whatever else I needed her to do. She was so sweet and cute and I think even she was SO proud. I just kept telling her thank you over and over and she would just smile and say "MOM! You're WELcome!"

Sweet dreams to all! I'm finally off to bed myself!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Ashley! The t-shirts were super cute and it was so much fun to see the girls cheer for the boys! Your "totally awesome"!