Friday, September 30, 2011

Gayle's Tortilla Soup

So Gayle is an amazing woman who works for my mom and aunt's Catering Company, Celebrate Catering ( -Check them out for all your catering needs :) What I can shamelessly plug my family's business:)

Gayle can pretty much make anything, from beautiful cakes and platters to BEAUTIFUL DELICIOUS SOUPS! She is awesome! She is our go-to gal whenever we need something and aren't quite sure how to do it. She can pretty much always figure it out. Once she made rice crispy treat magic wands for Delaney's fairy tale birthday party, another time "dirt with worms" cupcakes for Cam's. She'll throw a gorgeous antipasta platter together for you on a moment's notice, or make you up a quick sandwich cause your hungry. She makes us cookies and cupcakes for pretty much every holiday and we are just so lucky to have such a sweet, kind, thoughtful woman, amongst us. Gayle is especially sweet to share her recipes that she's mastered. This is one of hers, that is one of my FAVORITES!!!!

I made two versions tonight. One for us, the one with chicken:) and one for the Staff Appreciation Lunch I'm putting together tomorrow....well today now :) (it's vegetarian soup" :)

But Here's what you need for the chicken tortilla soup.

Chicken- I baked thin cut breasts because they cook faster, at 350 degrees.
Just olive oil, salt and pepper baked until done. Then chopped it up.

Olive oil- at least a few tablespoons for sautéing the veggies.

2 cloves of garlic- Yes my frozen Trader Joe's kind :)

Zucchini- at least 2 chopped or sliced

Onion- I used a Hermiston sweet and chopped it coarsely

Carrots- 3-4 peeled and chopped

Celery- about 1 cup chopped

Pasilla or Poblano Pepper- I used half of a BIG one.

I use the bag to pull out the seeds, because, although Pasillas aren't that spicy to eat. The seeds can pack an extra punch and if you're not careful you'll be wiping your face later and all the sudden be Burnin! Believe me, my eyes and nose, tell no lies :)

Coriander- 1 tsp.
Celery seed- 1 tsp.
Paprika- 1 heaping tsp.
Cajun seasoning- LESS then a tsp.
Chili Powder- A little less then a TABLESPOON
Fresh Ground Pepper and Salt to taste

A 14 oz. Can of diced tomatoes with green chiles or if you can't find that, get them separately

1-2 cans of corn- I did one and then had an extra ear of fresh I cut off the cob

1-2 cans of black beans- drained and rinsed

2 (32 oz.) Boxes of chicken broth

About 8 tortillas- I used 4 yellow corn and 4 flour gorditas but I don't think it matters much :)

I chop everything and get it ready so that I can throw it in like a cooking show. I even throw all my spices in a bowl like they do on tv. So then I just toss it in.

1. Start by sautéing all your veggies and the garlic in olive oil, until the onion begins to turn translucent, then add all your spices.

sauté until ready to add Broth, tomatoes and chilis with juice, canned corn and beans.

Then bring to a boil. once brought to a boil, throw in your tortillas. Let them kind of break down and thicken the soup. Also throw in your chicken.

Serve with fresh cilantro, shredded cheese, sour cream and tortilla chips!

THIS IS SOOOOOO GOOOOOD! I Swear! You will love it!

I apologize for all the typos! A sorry its just that its 2 in e morning and I am getting up at 6 and I am exhausted...GOOD NIGHT!!!!

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wendy said...

Dontcha just love doing all the prep work first, so that come cooking time, it's easy-peasy?! A la cooking show, as you said! Gives it an element of fun, I think!

Hey - gave you a shout out on my blog tonight!!


wendy ;)