Friday, September 30, 2011

How to easily peel garlic

 How to easily peel a clove of garlic
 Step one- always use a sharp knife and a cutting board you don't want to cut an apple that tastes like garlic later. 
Step 2- I cut off the hard ends just to make it even easier.

Step 3- Take a wide knife and place on top of the garlic clove
Step 4- Place your hand over the knife and with one quick downward motion hit the flat side of the knife.

When you lift the knife you will easily be able to remove the skin of the garlic so you can chop it. 
While this is the EASY way to chop garlic, the easiest thing is seriously to buy the frozen squares from Trader Joe's. I meant it when I said they were life changing :) Today my hands STILL smell like garlic :/

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