Friday, September 2, 2011

EASY CHICKEN ENCHILADAS: My mom would call them "Easy Squeezy"

These really are so easy, good old All American, Kid Friendly version of Mexican food :) You could definitely add to it to make more fancy. This process would work for any enchilada, any filling, any sauce. This is a very good way to get your tortillas ready to fill. So like I always say make them to your taste! For These You need:

Corn tortillas
Rotisserie chicken- An already cooked one available at most grocery stores
Mexican shredded cheese
Can of enchilada sauce. At least 1 maybe 2 if you are making a 13x9. Or even 1 large can
Olives-if you are lucky and your family likes them mine do not have olives on them :(

Start by preheating your oven to 300 degrees. You'll need a cookie sheet and cooking spray like "Pam" I use olive oil cooking spray. But you can use anything.

You need to spray both sides of the tortilla.

Put in the oven for only a few minutes. Like literally 3 minutes.
When you pull them out they should be pliable but not falling apart. Here's an example of the chicken you can buy. If you have chicken at home already, like chicken breasts, you can just season with salt and pepper and bake them until they are done, then shred it.

While I do batches of the tortillas in the oven I shred the chicken off the bone and get it ready to put into the enchiladas.

I just take a handful and pile it on. Simple right :)

Now add a handful of shredded cheese.

Roll it!

Roll It!

And mark it with a B and put it in the oven for....Oh sorry I got confused:) Just roll it up. This is where you will appreciate the nice flimsy but not mushy tortillas

And put it in a 13x9 or whatever size oven proof pan.

Add your sauce. I liberally cover every inch.

Sprinkle on some more cheese, HEALTHY! and then your olives if you are allowed :)

Bake at 350 until the cheese is melted and/or bubbly. This won't take TOO long but just watch it. And remember, your chicken is already cooked so also you have to worry about is heating it up.

Serve with sour cream! YUM! Sorry everyone started eating too fast. So NO pictures :)


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