Monday, October 17, 2011

Toasted cheese sandwiches with tomato soup shots

 I use this Pacific organic creamy tomato soup it is REALLY yummy! For dinner I will add basil, some shredded Parmesan and croutons to mine, but for lunch I went easy.
 I slice my cheddar for the sandwiches so it's all ready
 Yes real butter. It doesn't taste even 1/2 as good with margarine. I am sorry to say :)
I heat my griddle up. This is the best easiest way to make multiple grilled cheese sandwiches. Plus it heats evenly and the butter doesn't pool up anywhere so you get a nice even golden brown sandwich.
Heat your soup up in a pot on the stove. Not too high it can burn.
 Butter your bread on one side. It doesn't take very much, just a nice thin layer
 I put avocado and tomato on my toasted cheese :) Oh happy day
 Butter your griddle.

 You can also use spray like PAM or whatever, but again butter tastes best
 Place a slice of bread, BUTTER SIDE DOWN. Top with your cheese put on the other piece of bread BUTTER SIDE UP!
 Repeat :)
 I put Lemon Pepper on my avocado
 On my sandwich :)
 Add tomato slices
 Add cheese. I should have put cheese under the avocado and on top of the tomato. It had a harder time sticking
 Looking nice and toasty
 Mine was delicious!
 I bought these little cups on sale at Sur La Table 3 years ago. They are SO AWESOME! I've used them for soup shots many times at parties, and for desserts like mini ice cream sundaes and chocolate mousse. The possibilities are endless. My kids even like using them for soup on boring old have dinner at home nights.
This is a perfect lunch or dinner for a nice chilly Fall day.

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