Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Where have I been!?

From the date on my last post and the scarcity of the posts prior to that, it is obvious I have been a little disconnected from this blog. I started this blog with the thought that as a stay at home mom and wife and woman I needed to have something that made me feel a sense of accomplishment. There was no paycheck coming home, no progress evaluations saying I was doing a good job (well besides the sweet hug from one of my kiddos here and there:) No promotions to obtain (besides the promotion from diaper changer to butt wiper or the reader to the read to:)
As there were (are) days where I didn't sit down from 6 in the morning to 11 at night and I went to bed wondering what the heck I had done all day. Mostly the same cleaning and cooking and picking up. Again and again. I knew I wasn't sitting on the couch being lazy. But what was I doing. I needed to show myself and in essence the world that I was a busy mom and that I had things to be proud of. That there were rough days and and many trials and maybe someone else out there could relate to my day to day. The fact was the blog was here at a very Crazy Wonderful time in my life. 4 kids 9,7,5, and 2. (Now 11,9,7 and 4.YIKES!)

I took the things I loved and shared them with the world not knowing if anyone would care and that fact that some did meant the world, to me. I loved sharing recipes and rants and raves and seeing what you all had to say. So why would I stop? Well life last fall started to weigh more heavily on the Crazy then the Wonderful. As a perpetually optimistic person I hate to say it was horrible, but I will say it was horribly difficult. My poor Cam reached a turning point in his journey with his Sensory Processing Disorder and it took our whole family to a crossroads.

After months of figuring out how to live life in a new way for him-See My Boy Gluten Fwee Post.
Joe and I jumped on a healthy living bandwagon and have been riding it all Summer. As I sit here September 1 I feel like this journey this past year has taken me on, is a remarkable one. I have had lots of people ask where I have been and then when told asked why I didn't take the world along for the ride and honestly the only thing I can say is that it has been so overwhelming and life changing that I needed to figure it out. I was so caught up in the day to day that I didn't have a minute to process it all myself let alone write posts about it.

But I am here. I am back. I am still cooking, eating and drinking, exercising, loving and living and all with a renewed sense of happiness. I am excited and ready to share some of the changes we have made this past year. I hope those of you that were with me before will stick around and see if you still enJOY it.

So keep checking back. I am adding a GLUTEN FWEE Resource section. I am adding the fitness challenge I am working on and I will start adding more recipes and what's for dinner updates. I won't be posting every day that is for sure...But I really am back...And happy to be! 


Julie said...

Yeah! Exciting to see a new post! The paths we least expect are usually the most rewarding!!!

Helena said...

Great talk at Inner Athletics!
Despite being very tire (bright early at 4 am on my weekdays) I was able to walk away with excellent information..
And I am starting a tune up healthy diet habits at our family!

Thank you Thank you!