Saturday, September 21, 2013

Refrigerator Salad Bar

I love a good salad. I love even more the chance to create my own. Apparently so do my children. We do a lot of salad in our house and ever since Joe and I did the Advocare 24 Day Challenge I have tried to keep items on hand and quick to grab to make healthy salads. But after getting into my Yummy Mummy cookbook I have been motivated to create something easy, mindless and effective to add a little bit of fun to dinner for my children and simplicity to my lunch and dinner time. In dream world I loved this concept but in reality was getting sick of the many bowls and Saran Wrap covering them. So I started fantasizing about a large rectangular container with smaller containers in it and here's the kicker: one lid. It sounds silly but the type of things that make me happy are these. I love to find ways to make eating healthy and happier easy.

So here's my first night of salad bar and though YUM! I saran-ed all those bowls.

Maddie is a fan :)

But here is my newest version. 1 container with 6 small ones and then 1 lid.

The fun part is I can change this in a jiffy! They are only 1 cup bowls so I change them often before they have the chance to go bad and I cheaply have many empties on hand to rotate them.

I tell the kids I need to see at LEAST 4 colors in their salads. They dig it :)

My favorite dressing is from Eileen. Eileen is another Mom to me (lucky me:) This is yummy healthy and easy.
Here's what she uses. This is what I have used but as always feel free to play :)
2/3 vinegar (red wine vinegar)
1/3 oil (olive oil or veggie oil)
1 big lemon per bowl of salad
Salt & Pepper to taste


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